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We began CR Chicks with our 1st store in Palm Beach Gardens 20+ year ago, Nov 4th 1992. Since, then we have added 6 more stores to our collection, the last opening in Boca Raton in September of 2010. Our success is attributed to our great home cooked, in house prepared food and our great people. All of our food is prepared fresh every day. We make and bake our own bread, pies and cookies. All of our salad dressing and sauces are made from scratch and prepared for your meal while you wait. Despite this fact none of our meals take longer then 5 minutes to prepare often ready to eat after you have paid resulting in a fast, stress free dining experience. If you don't have any time to wait you can call in your order and go around the line when you arrive to pick it up. We are your healthy fast food alternative. Most of our dishes are low fat or can be prepared less fat. Let us take the skin off your chicken, prepare your pasta low fat, or toss your salad with balsamic vinegrette dressing. We do not use any MSG or any preservatives. We do not own a fryer or a freezer. We cater over 5,000 parties annually ranging from 10 people office parties to 2,000 people church events. Affordable from $4.50/person. Complete meals offering the same fresh great taste as our ala carte meals. Just call us or come in and plan your next event.

All of the tables, counters, cabinets, beach chairs and umbrella stands in each store are fabricated in our wood shop by Rick and Chris. The same attention to detail and planning used in cooking your meal is used in making each of our stores bright, clean and beautiful, I hope you enjoy our labor of love.

Boca Raton is the 7th C.R. Chicks Rick and Chris have opened since our first Palm Beach Gardens restaurant in Nov.1992.We continue to serve the finest,freshest non chemically treated chicken in Florida as well as prepare all of our sauces, bread, dressings, soups, desserts and accompaniments. Our food is still made the old fashion way, with love, care and the highest standard of quality and freshness.

Owners Biographies

Rick Davis
Corporate chef for Charley’s Crab/Chuck & Harold ’s for 7 years. Hails from Long Island and Colorado. Graduate of Greenbriar Hotel in West Virginia and Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia.
Chris Sallen
Worked for Charley ’s Crab for 11 years as general manager at Charley ’s Crab in Palm Beach and Charley ’s Crab in Jupiter. Grew up in Michigan. Graduate of University of Michigan.


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